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What part does the Minerva Business Angel Network play in providing professional advice?

Photo of a handshakeThe Minerva Business Angel Network as part of the University of Warwick Science Park, happily work alongside the professional advisers of our companies and their existing or other new investors on opportunities for our members. We help those advisers to reinforce their ongoing adviser-client relationships and have no interest in displacing those relationships – now or later.

Advisers and clients both benefit from our input of extra resources, specialist knowledge and supportive approach.

The Minerva Business Angel Network is a service of University of Warwick Science Park, which means it:

  • is run by skilled and experienced personnel who themselves have personal experience of both business management and the investment process;
  • observes The University of Warwick Science Park’s own code of ethics;
  • does comply with the Code of Conduct of its professional body.

Who appoints professional advisors for Minerva transactions?

We are able to provide introductions if required to qualified Legal, Accounting and Patent Lawyer professionals. Often though, our clients or indeed the investors own solicitors and/or accountants complete the transactions, advising where necessary on matters such as capital structure, due diligence, tax planning, and documentation. Minerva brings:

  • an established groups of investors who meet regularly to collectively review opportunities and who are active at the £25k-£500k level;
  • links to other Business Angel Groups and Venture Capital Funds to access additional funding upto £1m;
  • honesty in bringing investors and prospective investees together and a commitment to seek out the right package of financial and business support;
  • an ability when needed to assist managers or simply advise on getting the underlying business (not just its business plan) into the best possible shape before approaching potential investors;
  • introductions to other & alternative forms and providers of finance including debt through traditional lenders such as Banks and Invoice Discount/factoring organisations aswell asset finance providers.

What difference can The Minerva Business Angel Network make?

As a result of Minerva’s input and access to a wide range of support and advice, investment and funding transactions will often happen either because our support makes the proposal a better investment opportunity and through our syndicate groups, offer the companies a chance to pitch “one to many” and investors to collectively or individually view propositions they would otherwise have not known about in a structured and professional environment.

Find out more…

To find out more about working with Minerva please contact the team on 024 7632 3122 or email

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