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Minerva Businesses get practical advice and help finding the right funding and right support

Photo credit: John Morgan ( we look at your requirements we make a judgement on your suitability and readiness for equity versus debt funding, assess the business potential, the strengths and weaknesses of the opportunity, the probable resources required and the package of support you will need to achieve your goals.

We don’t just provide access to finance because we know that Investors and lenders look for different characteristics and risk profiles in proposals. Making sure you are ready for the journey ahead and setting expectations is a fundamental part of what we do. We will advise on your business plan, your funding strategy, introduce you to other facilities and services available at the Science Park as well as help identify suitable resources, regionally and nationally if we think it will strengthen your business and chances of attracting funding.

One of the key benefits of working with Minerva is potential access to the wealth of diverse knowledge, experience and expertise that our business angels can provide both after they have invested and importantly even before you pitch.  Business Angels are often happy to provide advice and guidance on some of the key issues and questions you will almost certainly have to face when you present your business case.

Whatever type of business and whatever stage - whether you are mature, young and growing fast or very early in your development, possibly pre-revenue and proof of concept, Minerva have a long established history and pedigree of helping prepare companies to raise the right type of funding. Above all else, if we don’t think we can help we will tell you, and whilst we don’t always get it right of course, we do try to be honest in our appraisal and advice.

If after our initial review of your business plan, followed by a discovery meeting, we feel we can help, we then agree a timetable and the process to take you through to a presentation in front of our investor syndicates.  Getting ready to present, has often been worthwhile in itself, and a number of our prospective investee companies have found in following the process it has identified, by their own admission, elements of the business model perhaps that need more work and research and although we may have slowed them down, when they do eventually get in front of investors, they are as well prepared as they can be.

Ultimately there are no guarantees that funding will be obtained through Minerva but we strive to give your business the best chance of success and sometimes just the experience and feedback from the Minerva pitch by the investors, even in rejection, has helped improve propositions and companies have gone on to successfully raise the funding needed.

But raising finance is not straight-forward, and equity is definitely not right for everyone.  Raising equity will take far longer than attracting debt – so be prepared for a journey that can take anything from 3-6 months, infact you often will need to start looking for the funding well before you actually need it, so being ready for investment when you do pitch is even more important, if you are to attract the right funding at the right time!

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