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FAQ: Do Minerva’s business angels only invest locally ?

A: No – but it’s true to say that most business angels like to think the company they invest into is near enough to visit although in truth they rarely ever do that. Most of our Angels are based in and around the Midlands but at least 25% are dotted around the UK.  Ultimately because Angels traditionally invest in more early stage ventures than most it’s usual and useful if they are not too far way so they can easily help when needed but if the opportunity is good they will invest in high potential businesses regardless of location.

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Apr 20 2010

FAQ: If I receive Investment am I expected to move to UWSP?

A: No, unless that is one of the conditions imposed by the investors.  Sometimes, if you are currently located elsewhere in the country but able to move and re-locating to Coventry & Warwickshire or the West Midlands is more practical to access other funds, services and support then Minerva through it’s link with the Science Park should be able to assist with accommodation.

Go to www.uwsp.co.uk for details of the full range of services and accommodation availble

Apr 20 2010

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