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FAQ: How long does it take to get an investment agreed?

A: For the business seeking funds …the usual advice is to start looking for your investors well before you need the money ..6-12 months is not out of line with the time it takes to actually complete an equity deal. It can of course be a lot quicker but that will depend on the information available, evidence, clarity and validation of the key facts. Being well prepared beforehand so there are no surprises and you know what you are likely to be asked will always speed the process. 

At Minerva we try to set expectations and help the business become investment ready. Never be afraid at your first real meeting with your potential investors to be assertive and ask them to list the information they need in advance of a meeting or ask them at the end of one “what are the next steps- what do you want me to do?”   

A: For the investor it will often depend not just on the information available but the time you are prepared to spend investigating the opportunity. The benefit quite often of working with the members of the Minerva Business Angel Network is that you can often draw upon other people’s knowledge to get to the right questions quicker and better understand the strengths and weaknesses and ultimately the risk! Once the decision is made to invest then it can still take a while to get the legals agreed but that should just be a matter of functionality and procedure. Minerva will assit in that process if requested.   

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Apr 20 2010

FAQ: How much will investment support from Minerva cost?

A: Our charges are simple to understand and our level of service and structure is geared to ensure you get the best chance possible of raising the capital you require.

Before charges are discussed we like to either see your proposal (Business Plan) or meet with you to make an early assessment of the funding options that seem most relevant and your state of readiness. We will be honest and we only ever accept a client if we think you are investible.

At that point we will outline our action plan for you and how we anticipate working with you. We cannot guarantee success but we will try very hard to make sure you are well prepared.

We charge £50 (+ VAT) to register on the Minerva Business Angel Network and £50 per presentation to present to our Investor Syndicate Groups. If you are sucessful we then charge an administration or success fee of 5% on funds raised.

If there is a requirement to continue working with you any associated costs will be fully discussed and agreed.

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Apr 20 2010

FAQ: How long does investment take?

A: Typically it takes 3-6 months to go through the investment process.

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Apr 20 2010

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