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Why become a ‘business angel’?

Being a business angel offers the prospect of a high return, and unlike a stock market investment there is scope to use your skills and experience to raise the performance of the business…

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Who are Business Angels?

Business Angels are, by definition, individuals and it is unwise to try to categorise them.  But in a sweeping generalisation, they could be described as falling into two camps…

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Is investment with Minerva very high risk?

Investing in unquoted companies is inherently more risky than investing in shares traded on public markets, and advice should always be taken from a suitably qualified independent adviser before making any commitment.

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How much and how often do I have to invest through Minerva?

There is no fixed sum, although generally most investments never start lower than £5,000, with no upper limit we do not put any member of the network under pressure to invest, although, clearly if you join the Angel network there is an expectation that you will invest in the right opportunity.

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What are the different types of Investors?

There are two main categories: Equity and Debt. Equity investments are made in exchange for part-ownership or ‘equity’ in the recipient company.  Debt investments are what we normally think of as a loan.  An Investor may offer either or a combination of both types.