Do Minerva angels only see high tech & pre-revenue companies?

Do Minerva angels only see high tech & pre-revenue companies?

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A: No – although we are part of the University of Warwick Science Park we receive enquiries from companies around the UK and sometimes beyond. We have no specific sectors nor stages of maturity that we concentrate on. See the range of companies we have already invested into …

Having a wide range of investors means we need and can look at a wide range of opportunities. However, the nature of Angel investment is that a greater % of attractive opportunities will fall into the High Risk, technology bias category. It’s where many of the criteria angels look for exists or will grow. Angels will always prefer an opportunity where there is a proprietary element that cannot be easily copyable or can be protected, where the market it is entering is relatively new or a mature sector looking for change.

But the major factors are simply there is an opportunity to invest at an early stage into a potential high growth high value concern where there is a realistic chance of a profitable exit in due course. It maybe an MBO, in a traditional sector, a wholly technology opportunity or a spin out from one of the Universities, whatever the stage of development Minerva will look for key characteristics that will make it an attractive investment opportunity.

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