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The Minerva Business Angel Network was established in 1994 to provide access to investment for emerging tech businesses.

Members benefit from Minerva’s strong emphasis on quality and preparation and companies enjoy an ongoing relationship with Minerva’s management and network.

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Looking to invest in innovative businesses or find out about raising funding for your business through the Minerva network?

Becoming an Angel

5 steps to

If you are interested in becoming an angel, why not send us a message through our contact form and we can arrange a meeting.

Typically you would join us as an observer for two sessions to assess if it’s a right fit for you.

If you are interested and we think you fit the necessary criteria you will be invited to join and will pay an annual subscription, with an expectation within 2 years you will have found an investment that suits you.

Once a member you are free to attend any of our Minerva Investment Groups and you will be able to join our exclusive deal platform.

For those who have invested, we encourage your continued attendance as the skills you have developed as an Angel could be beneficial to companies and other Angels alike.

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