How many opportunities will I see and what will the quality be like?

How many opportunities will I see and what will the quality be like?

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A: The Minerva Business Angel Network has been around a long time – infact longer than most netwoks in the UK and indeed the world – but that is no guarantee we only ever see the best and probable “stars” of the future. We do try to ensure that the opportunities we prepare of around 3 per month are investible but almost always will have weaknesses and they probably wouldn’t be looking equity if their success was guaranteed.

Being a member of Minerva Business Angel Network means that although we will do our best to ensure the opportunities you see have been pre-selected and subjected to a degree of appropriateness, you are expected to be capable of making your own investment decision about the risk and the benefits. Before joining a network we do interview and ask you to complete some paperwork in which you indicate your experience and background that should make you a suitable individual able to make investment decisions.

However this is and has always been high risk, if for no other reason than any young company starting out is bound to be more vunerable to external factors outside its control than a mature established company with a track record. It will have weaknesses, but many will be down to experience and knowledge and it’s for that reason having a “mentor” or a ” guardian angel/s ” to guide and help you is perhaps more likely to get you through the early stages of growth and fulfil potential.

The advice though is always in selecting an investment, if in doubt use a trusted source that will do some preliminary vetting for you or due diligence for you – there are professionals who offer such services for a fee as well as talking to your banker, lawyer or accountant.

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