How much and how often do I have to invest through Minerva?

How much and how often do I have to invest through Minerva?

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A: There is no fixed sum, although generally most investments never start lower than £5,000, with no upper limit we do not put any member of the network under pressure to invest, although, clearly if you join the Angel network there is an expectation that you will invest in the right opportunity.

You have the choice of just being a registered member of the network, taking a fairly passive role, receiving notification of opportunities every month and contacting us for more details of interesting propositions or requesting to be kept informed of developments/progress with any particular proposal. 

However, if you do want to be more proactive in your investment activity then joining one of our Investor Syndicate groups would probably be the route you would take. The key difference between just being registered on the database and attending group meetings; apart from actually seeing the companies pitch and having the opportunity to meet them afterwards with other investors, is that we do ask, subject to always seeing the right opportunity, your investment intentions, expectations and level of activity.

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