Making your pitch count

Getting in front of an investor is not an easy thing to do. So, when you finally have your 15 minutes it is essential to make sure you pitch counts! Minerva is here to help you become investor ready – some of the do’s and don’ts for a successful pitch.

  1. Do Prepare your pitch – be clear about what you want to get out of your presentation. “many a bad presentation has hidden a good opportunity “
  2. Get all the key facts out but don’t spend all your time explaining that bit you know really well – your presentation has to be balanced.
  3. From the outset make sure the audience know what it is you do ..don’t leave it to halfway through to say ” oh and by the way we make ………” or “We are ….” Tell it early and then why you are there!
  4. Make sure you have sold the sizzle – got the WoW factor out .. but remember an investor will not buy now.. this isn’t an impulse purchase ..You want an investor to see you afterwards you want their interest….
  5. Be honest – don’t hide problems and don’t avoid awkward questions
  6. The investors are really weighing you up this someone I want invest don’t be rude, don’t be dismissive
  7. Get your facts right ..don’t make things up or make wild assumptions that can’t be backed up or validated later
  8. Don’t mumble, Talk to your audience ..don’t talk to the wall or the screen with you back to the investors
  9. Don’t repeat what they can read – if you use power point it is only a focal point for their gaze you want them to listen to you don’t make the the slides too busy or the font too small. Make sure each slide is relevant but can be read in seconds
  10. Make sure your figures add up and you clearly state what the deal is !