Amount invested: £50,000


Trackener is an intelligent 24/7 horse monitoring solution helping advance equine health and welfare. Worn by the horse round the clock, Trackener provides unique insights about activity, movement, sleep, anxiety, heart rate and exercise sessions on an app. By learning from each and every horse, Trackener helps detect and prevent health problems.

The company was formed in September 2015 and when the company approached Minerva they had an MVP and had just completed a pilot with various testers, which was proving the potential of the product.


The support received from Minerva enabled the company to continue the product development. The company received £50,000 from angel investors in different Minerva groups. Thanks to the investment, Trackener Life is now on the market.

The investors have provided valuable advice on strategy and Alex’s feedback in the pitching process was also found to be very useful.

Trackener have since had the opportunity to share their experience and make additional contacts at another Minerva event in London.

Advice for others looking for support:

Take the time to build a strong proposition to attract investors before reaching out to Minerva. Make sure that you can show enough to prove you can build a viable business and keep improving your pitch from the feedback of experienced people and potential investors.

Don’t be afraid to take the time to go to each Minerva event you get offered to pitch at as it is worth the effort.

Further information about the company: