What are my chances of raising capital?

What are my chances of raising capital?

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A: Ultimately your success depends on the strength of your proposal.  We will only accept your company as a Minerva client if we believe there is a realistic probability of success.

We offer no guarantees to the outcome. However, we will work with you to ensure you are as well prepared as possible. Sometimes, if we like the opportunity but feel you are not quite ready for investment we offer a “teaser” slot at one of our regular monthly Investor Syndicate Group meetings.

What does that mean? Well – it’s a shorter pitch around 20 minutes maximum and we get you to concentrate on the Market opportunity, perhaps the technology and the areas that still need working on.

During your pitch and afterwards hopefully, you will get good feedback, that will help you in the future. We also try to find an investor prepared to spend some time with you before your next and full pitch. If all goes well by the time you do pitch again you will have an investor on your side already!

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