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Is a lack of funds and expertise holding back your business?  If so Minerva may be able to help.

We are looking for companies that are ambitious, innovative, with clear plans for growth, whether in the early or late stages of development, young, fast growing or mature.

Finding investment

5 steps to

If you are interested in working with Minerva, please submit an application on your company and idea followed by your pitch deck and business plan.

We will assess your enquiry and will respond typically within 8 weeks. You may be invited for an interview and given some assistance to help you get ready for our process once we have received your acceptance of our Terms and Conditions which we will send to you.

You will need to provide a detailed summary to the Minerva format and your pitch deck 2 weeks in advance of any pitch event.

Our standard format is a 15 minute pitch with 15 minutes of questions.

You will then be expected to pitch to all our syndicates to give you the maximum exposure to our network and the information you provide will be loaded onto our Angel Database.

The expression of interests that then emanates from our Angels will be communicated to you, and our involvement ends.  Communications are then between the Angels and the Company.

Benefits for Entrepreneurs

When we look at your requirements, we make a judgement on your suitability and readiness for equity versus debt funding, assess the business potential, the strengths and weaknesses of the opportunity, the probable resources required and the package of support you will need to achieve your goals.

Making sure you are ready for the journey ahead and setting expectations is a fundamental part of what we do.

We will advise on your business plan, your funding strategy, introduce you to other facilities and services available at the Science Park as well as help identify suitable resources, regionally and nationally if we think it will strengthen your business and chances of attracting funding.

One of the key benefits of working with Minerva is potential access to the wealth of diverse knowledge, experience and expertise that our business angels can provide both after they have invested and importantly even before you pitch.

What are we looking for?

Before you get in touch, check these 3 simple requirements
The key is often in the management team

Your management team

The key is often in the management team

A credible and enthusiastic management team with a clear vision and route to market are the essential requirement.

Your proposition must be innovative

Making a difference

Your proposition must be innovative

We look for innovative solutions and market propositions with the validation of a need/route to market.

A clear exit strategy is essential

Your 5 year plan

A clear exit strategy is essential

You must have a clear exit strategy for our Angels and your plans must include a timetable to exit within 5 years.

Applying for funding?

What you need to prepare before you apply
  • Are you looking for money for growth and expansion?
  • Do you have a detailed Business Plan which identifies your need for investment and how you will use that money?
  • Do you have a clear growth plan and your route to market/idea has been validated either by a history sales or an external source?
  • Can you evidence your assumptions and have sound reasoning for any valuation?
  • What makes you an expert in the sector you are seeking investment for and who is on your team to deliver it?
  • What is your exit plan?
  • Do you have a pitch deck that communicates your plans to those who have no knowledge of your sector?
  • How much of your own “skin is in the game,” i.e. what has been your investment in the business
  • Angels invest in enthusiastic teams, showing well thought through plans, the route to markets, growth and a clear vision for the exit.

Being investment ready

Readiness check list
  • You will need to be clear on how much of your company is on offer and for what valuation.
  • Be clear about what other skills or support might you be looking for from investors.
  • Do you know if you are eligible for EIS/SEIS relief?
  • Have you drafted a term sheet?
  • Do you have a Shareholders Agreement?

If you don’t have any experience in raising finance make sure you seek the right advice – seek legal advice and make sure you have spoken to your local Growth Hub about any access to finance programmes,

Ultimately we cannot guarantee you will receive investment but we will help you maximise your exposure to our Angel network.

Do you feel you are ready to talk to us?

If you feel your business fits the profile for working with Minerva Business Angels then get in touch to arrange an initial converstation

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