Whether you are experienced or new to the idea of business angel investment, Minerva is always looking to attract new investors


Members benefit from Minerva’s strong emphasis on quality and preparation and companies enjoy an ongoing relationship with Minerva’s management and network.

Typically we see emerging and growing businesses with a strong, innovative market proposition seeking funds for commercialisation and established businesses wishing to raise investment for expansion. We often leverage our angels’ investment to attract capital from other funding sources to create a package that best meets the company’s needs. Minerva enjoys excellent relationships with a number of banks, Venture Capital houses and other business angel groups.

Options for becoming a Minerva Business Angel

Quick guide to getting involved
The Registration joining form is simple to complete and includes the FCA Self-Certification of your status as a High Net Worth Individual or Sophisticated Investor which is required before we can send you any details about opportunities we are considering.
Active Member

Getting more involved

Active Member

If you prefer to be an active member and see companies present with a group of other investor members, taking part in discussions afterwards, or volunteering to join an investigation into a proposition, then joining one of the seven investor groups, for which there is an annual fee may be right for you.

The groups meet monthly to view up to 3 companies followed by a light buffet lunch and a chance for a more informal chat with the prospective investee companies.

Corporate Angels

For VCTs and VCs

Corporate Angels

We frequently have requests from professional active investing organisations to attend our meetings which we are happy to oblige subject to the following of our principals (*see below).

Who are you?

Qualities of a Minerva Business Angel
  • Looking to work with like-minded people
  • Looking to give something back
  • Willing to invest with your colleagues
  • Have the capability to invest regularly
  • Can meet the Financial Conduct Authority’s criteria
  • You are happy being part of an Angel investment group


  • To support and facilitation of co-investment from other Angels
  • There is the sharing of terms between all Angels and any due diligence which has a collective interest
  • We encourage Angels to work collectively on terms but acknowledge those who make a substantial investment may seek special preference.  We do not get involved directly in any deal, and therefore this is a matter between Angels, our interest is to see harmony within the group.
  • Any member (or more than one person) can attend as many events as they like and at different locations including our end of year event
  • They will be given access to our deal flow and Angel platform
  • That when an investment is made by the collective information is shared with other Angels monitor the progress of that company.

Would you like to understand more about joining the network?

If you are ready to discuss joining the Minerva Business Angels then get in touch to arrange an initial conversation

Becoming an angel

5 steps to

If you are interested in becoming an angel, why not send us a message through our contact form and we can arrange a meeting.

Typically you would join us as an observer for two sessions to assess if it’s a right fit for you.

If you are interested and we think you fit the necessary criteria you will be invited to join and will pay an annual subscription, with an expectation within 2 years you will have found an investment that suits you.

Once a member you are free to attend any of our Minerva Investment Groups and you will be able to join our exclusive deal platform.

For those who have invested, we encourage your continued attendance as the skills you have developed an Angel could be beneficial to companies and other Angels alike.

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