Learning Labs (Flash Academy)

Amount invested: £300,000


Learning Labs is an EdTech company, based at the Innovation Birmingham Campus.  The company develops innovative resources to accelerate language learning for children and adults.  The company’s brands include FlashAcademy® and FlashSticks®.

Learning Labs was formed in 2012 and had already achieved success trialling their first product range, FlashSticks® with WHSmith when they approached Minerva to help support a roll-out to UK retailers and work on the development of supporting software technology.  To date, over £300k of investment has been received through multiple investment rounds and the company also has the support of an observer on the Board.


The support received from Minerva, along with other institutional investors, has helped to develop and resource strategic direction for the business and during this time the business has evolved, launching FlashSticks® into major retailers worldwide, including Amazon, WHSmith, Waterstones and Tesco.  FlashAcademy® is a new platform for schools, helping pupils that do not have English as their first language.  The platform is being used by c.500k learners worldwide.

Advice for others looking for support:

Be clear about why you’re seeking investment, how you intend to use the funds and demonstrate an openness to take on the views of the experienced investors in the room.

Ensure terms are equitable between Minerva investors and any others involved.

Further information about the company: