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Reviewing Your Business Plan

Too few business owners find time to sit back and simply think.  Make some time now and assess what changes you would like to make over the next twelve months. 

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How do Investors assess an investment opportunity?

This depends on the type of investors.  Ask a VC and they will say ‘management team, management team, management team!’  A Business Angel may take more interest in the type of business, as they may have experience and contacts that could strengthen the management team.  Nevertheless, there are certain key components that all investors will want to see…

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Do Minerva’s business angels only invest locally ?

No – but it’s true to say that most business angels like to think the company they invest into is near enough to visit although in truth they rarely ever do that. Most of our Angels are based in and around the Midlands but at least 25% are dotted around the UK.

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How long does it take to get an investment agreed?

For the business seeking funds …the usual advice is to start looking for your investors well before you need the money ..6-12 months is not out of line with the time it takes to actually complete an equity deal. It can of course be a lot quicker but that will depend on the information available, evidence, clarity and validation of the key facts. Being well prepared beforehand so there are no surprises and you know what you are likely to be asked will always speed the process.