Why become a ‘business angel’?

Why become a 'business angel'?

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A: Being a business angel offers the prospect of a high return, and unlike a stock market investment there is scope (usually non-exec or part-time) to use your skills and experience to help the company’s managers to raise the performance of the business and add value for all shareholders.

Personal involvement is optional, but also has to be negotiated with the company and in some cases other investors. But being active as an NED or in a more formal role can be very satisfying, stimulating and above all else help the company achieve their potential.

If you join one of the Minerva Business Angel Network Investor Syndicate Groups you get the chance to view opportunities every month, always investing as an idividual but very often alongside other Angels in the group. Working with your Peer group in itself can be rewarding, enjoyable and hopefully help you achieve some profitable exits.

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