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Join us at our second Minerva Business Angels event

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Join us at our second Minerva Business Angels event as part of our Minerva Birmingham PitchUp series. It’s a chance to learn about the Term Sheet and Shareholders’ agreement for those interested in being an Angel investor.

Martin Clifford will be our guest speaker from Legal Clarity

This is the 2nd in a series of educational events on angel investing (a total of 8) and part of Minerva Birmingham PitchUp programme (a collective initiative of Aston Centre for GrowthUniversity of Birmingham EnterpriseUniversity of Warwick Science Park).

Our first, introductory webinar was popular and described as:-

“Lively and informative”

“A very useful introductory webinar for someone new to angel investing. Pleased to be linked up with friendly Minerva BA community”

If you are company there will a separate series of webinars published shortly on raising investment and if interested in taking part in, or want to find out more about, Minerva Birmingham PitchUp, we will also cover this across both series.


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